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Why Betel nut is so beneficial to life ...?. For more details, first know what the word Betel nut is.

Betel nut is a kind of palm plant that grows in Eastern Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Betel nut which has a scientific name Areca catechu has a straight high stem with a height of 25 meters.

Betel trees do not produce fruit that can be consumed directly, but the betel nut has been widely used by our ancestors as a traditional medicine.

Betel nut trees are grown for the use of seeds or stems, now betel nut has become a commodity trading.

The betel nut that has a bitter taste, contains alkoloids such as arecaine (arecaine) and arekolina (arecoline). Where the content is toxic and addictive properties.

Various types of areca will cause a sense of dizziness if eaten. The content of important compounds in betel nut is arecaidine, arecolidine, guvacoline, guracine (Guacine) and others.

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All right, let us know the side effects and benefits of this betel nut, especially for health:

1. Tooth And Gums Become Strong.
This is the secret of the ancient grandmothers who made their teeth strong in chewing anything. The areca nut is often made by grandmother in ancient times as chewing material which was done with mixture of betel leaf / lime.

After the research, the benefits of betel nut for the strength of teeth and gums is indeed true. In betel fruit contains high enough calcium minerals. Calcium content that is believed by many experts able to strengthen teeth and gums.

2. Worms Overcame.
Areca fruit is a fruit that contains antibacterial compound is high enough, its antibacterial content is quite nutritious to kill the germs that cause worms.

Benefits of betel nut for this worm has been proven by the breeders, either chicken or cow breeders in overcoming their cattle that have worms.

However, besides being useful for livestock, you can also use betel nut to treat worms in the digestive system, especially in the small intestine and colon.

3. Quick Heal Cured.
Use of betel nut related to wound healing also can not we assume normal. This one fruit contains high enough antiseptic compound, its natural antiseptic content that is quite efficacious to accelerate the process of formation of skin tissue.

To get these properties, how to puree the betel nut then stick on the wound every day. Although sore, but the fruit will help speed up the process of wound formation.

4. Eye Pimple Can Be Prevented.
Rabbits and cataracts in the eyes can occur due to macular degeneration caused by free radicals. But you can prevent the eyesight by eating betel nut regularly.

Betel nuts contain antioxidant compounds that are high enough, this antioxidant content that is able to ward off free radicals and prevent occurrence of nearsightedness in the eyes and cataracts.

5. Male Vitality Can Be Improved.
Benefits of betel nut is not only for women miss v only, but the fruit is also proven to increase male vitality passion. Your passion will increase as you consume the fruit regularly. 

Even research also mentions, that the content of complete nurtrisi on betel nut is very powerful to increase stamina body, either woman or man.

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6. Strengthen the Bones.
Bones will grow optimally if supported by consumption of calcium foods, this is the reason why how to raise the body one of them rely on calcium intake.

If you want to get high fast, consume the betel nut regularly. This areca nut will be more felt when you are still under 20 years of age. Because the age above is already difficult to optimize bone growth.

7. Tighten Miss V.
One of the herbalife experts from Indonesia, betel fruit is able to provide optimal miss v density, tighten the miss v part, and even prevent the appearance of vaginal discharge.

Herbalists also recommend, for women who already married to always use betel nut when cleaning the female organs to avoid cervical cancer.

8. Good For Hair.
Like a coconut fruit, dried betel nuts if roasted will produce a kind of oil. The results of betel nut oil is believed to be able to treat the hair moisture, prevent hair loss, reduce dandruff, and even make the hair more natural glow.

But in addition to making it into oil, you can also get the benefits of betel fruit by smoothing the fruit and use as a hair mask.

In addition to beneficial to health, consume betel fruit also appeared to have side effects. Where betel fruit contains compounds that are toxic, and toxic compounds are known to be named Arekolina and Arekaina.

The content of toxic compounds in betel nuts if consumed excessively, and in the long term can cause various kinds of health problems, namely excessive heartbeat, anemia, cancer, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Side effects that will appear if your betel nut consumption in large quantities and a long time. Therefore, if you already get the benefits of betel nut, the author's suggestion immediately stop the consumption of this fruit. May be useful...!!!

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