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Enterprises related to the livelihood of the people, the chances are definitely promising. Because, in terms of marketing is not much encountered obstacles.

Very reasonable if the business actor more glance business opportunities that are directed to the basic goods as a material business.

As for the business of basic necessities that need the livelihood of the people are Wholesale or Suppliers of Nine Basic Ingredients.

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And the Nine Basic Materials, are nine types of basic needs needed by the community, which consists of:

1. Rice, Sago, Corn, and Wheat.
2. Beef, Chicken, and Fish
3. Vegetables, and Fruits
4. Cooking oil, and Margarine
5. Iodized Salt, and Sodium
6. Eggs
7. Milk
8. Sugar
9. Kerosene, or LPG.

Although the business is not a new thing, but the chances are still promising in line with the increasing number of new housing especially in urban areas.

It is not surprising that a newly constructed new housing, the first attempt to emerge is the Nine Essentials.

Being a supplier or a wholesaler of nine basic commodities, when compared with other similar businesses such as Staple Nine Stores or Grocery Stores wider business opportunities because of its target market other than the Sembako Stores.

This business is quite easy to do, as long as have sufficient capital. Because the target market is Shop Sembako, then automatically required capital is relatively larger because your store must provide goods in large parties, meaning if you want to open this business make sure to have enough capital.

Wholesale or Supply Business Nine Essentials It does look easy to do, but in starting the business must require a mature calculation, so the business can be pioneered run in accordance with expectations.

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In order for you to become a successful Wholesaler or Supplier of Nine Essentials of this, several important steps should be considered including:

1. Determine the Strategic Place.
This step should be taken before deciding to open a Wholesale or Supply Nine Essentials business, as the location will determine the success of the business. Then choose an easily accessible location, adequate parking, and easy drive by large vehicles such as truck cars to simplify the distribution channels.

Also note also the competitors, whether it is a lot or still a little, well no competitors in this business. Observe also the target market, whether around the location where the business of many similar stores.

2. Determine Suppliers of Nine Basic Materials.
The Wholesale or Supply Effort of Nine Essentials relies heavily on the supply of goods from other parties, such as direct agents or distributors. But for the basic steps to open the business, can find a supply from a large agent and you have to pay in full.

If the Wholesale business is already running and has a regular customer, you can find supplies from direct distributors and usually uninvited as well they will come to the place of business. Furthermore, if the income is better, it is not possible to be given a temporary pay facility by the distributor, so your grocery business can grow larger.

3. Prepare Supporting Facilities and Infrastructure.
Being a pioneer of Wholesale or Supply of Nine Essentials requires patience and perseverance, because all can not immediately thrive in an instant.

Plus around the place of business there are competitors, then that must be clever-smart to find new customers. Get around that, more value that you can make as an attraction for buyers is the service.

To provide services to consumers as well as possible, for example in a fast transaction process, or on-site inter-service. So it is in this effort that success can be achieved quickly, must prepare supporting facilities and infrastructure such as employees who help the service, as well as vehicles for on-site service. Good luck and hopefully success can be achieved ... !!!

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