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Utilizing Facebook, and Twitter as an online business medium is not familiar to the public. Some of the readers may still have to think that to start an online business must have a personal online store or online shop.

Though the reality is not like that, because there are many other alternative media that can be used for promotion, of course, the price is much cheaper than building an online store that requires a lot of cost, time, and energy.

Media is meant by the author of Facebook and Twittter, then why Facebook and Twitter ... ?.

The reason is very simple, because the two big social media is very suitable for business people especially in terms of promotion, due to the support of features from Facebook and Twitter which will make it easier in developing, or to start his business from scratch. And here's how to use Facebook or Twitter for Business.

How To Utilize Facebook For Business.As we all know, Facebook is the largest social media with more than 1 billion users.

In one country that is the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, Facebook users are predicted to reach 69 million accounts, it means Facebook is the most appropriate media to make business turnover to increase drastically, both business locally and internationally. And here are 4 ways you can use to do business, while getting money from Facebook.

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Here are 4 ways to take advantage of Facebook:

1. Facebook Hastag.
  • Based on observations in cyberspace, many sellers ignore or may underestimate Hastag. In fact, if we are able to utilize Hastag that is on Facebook well, then it is not impossible we can increase product sales up to many times.
  • Because by adding the right Hastag on each status created, then the opportunity status is seen by many people will be greater, as well as the possibility of closing / sales that occur, certainly will also increase.
2. Facebook Groups.
  • So far if you only use the group as a place to chat or discuss, then from now on try to change it into a feature / facility group to become a new business field, for example offering services, by offering Goods or it could be if you have a hobby of writing can try - Try by offering Ebook.Note, however, that not all groups allow us to do promotions, so get used to reading the rules in the group before promoting.
3. Facebook Ads.
  • Facebook Ads (FB Ads) is an advertising program from Facebook, and became one of the excellent features of Facebook that is very popular by the businessman or rather the Internet Marketer (IMers). Because with the FB Ads feature, it allows them to promote products / goods automatically, of course there is a price to pay.
  • However, according to the authors, the comparison between the promotional price and the profit to be obtained almost certainly greater revenue than spending on FB Ads promotional costs. In using Facebook Ads, you can go directly to Https://www.facebook.com/advertising, one of the requirements to use features FB Ads that must have an account up first.
4. Facebook Fanpage.
  • Another free feature from Facebook that can be used to boost your business turnover, this feature is Facebook Fanpage (FB FP). Features facebook fanpage, basically devoted to facilitate the Facebook users who want to promote their products, so you can say facebook fanpage is a special space in promoting and uploading photos of products / goods to be sold.
  • Moreover, facebook fanpage can also be used for the means of getting money from facebook, for example through services like, with the number of like in fanpage owned by hundreds of thousands, so later we live promoting facebook fanpage client in the form of status, guaranteed at least fanpage The client will grow hundreds or even thousands.
3 Ways to Utilize Twitter For Business:

1.Twitter Client.
  • What is Twitter Client ....?, Twitter Client is a cloud-based Twitter application developed by web developers.Although not officially released Twitter, but the features contained on twitter client will be more complete, for example there are: AutoRetweet, AutoTweet, Auto FollowSchedule Tweet, with auto retweet we can retweet other people's tweets, auto tweet to write tweets automatically, auto follow me the sense is clear, that is to follow automatically.
2. Twitter Trends.
  • The main function of Twitter Trends is to find out 10 most popular Hastags in a country / world. So with twitter trends, we can see the popular things about what is "Trend" or "Popular".
  • And if you understand, then you can use the information presented Twitter Trend to develop and improve your business. The trick is to include the Hastag that is Trend in the chirp we make.Make sure that the chirp that are made is really relevant to the Hastag you include, otherwise it will be considered spam by other twitter users.
3. Twitter Promote.
  • If Facebook has Facebook Ads feature, then Twitter has a feature called Twitter Promote. Both have the same function that is to promote the product through the status / chirp (Tweet).What's interesting about Twitter Promote is that we will not only get an increase in the number of sales, more than that we will get additional follower.
  • Because when we do promote, then the account that we promote will also appear along with Tweett / Promote Tweets. If your follower is adequate, the author's suggestion try to develop it, and if it is a lot, please open the business services Buzzer. What is Buzzer .... ?, Buzzer is a service promoting the accounts / products of other twitter users through Twitter.
This service will only sell when you have many followers. Actually there are many ways to use twitter and facebook for business. But in outline, some of the above points are best to use.

From that Facebook or Twitter, both are very powerful social media to increase sales and business development that you manage.


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