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A large number of politicians have been elected president, but once elected it is unable to do more, or no achievements to be proud of, and the achievements are just mediocre.

But there are also a number of world leaders, successfully making a breakthrough - a buzz that is very useful and worthy of being imitated by other country leaders.

These are the leaders of the countries of the world who should be role models for other state leaders:

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1. Hugo Chavez (Venezuela).
  • With brave, he did the nationalization of natural resources in the form of oil wealth in his country. Originally controlled by companies from abroad, then taken over or nationalized by this Venezuelan leader.
  • He and the experts manage the petroleum of Venezuela, and automatically managed by the state of Venezuela, people's welfare increased significantly. Fuel prices in Venezuela are cheap, affecting the cheap price of all basic needs, and living costs.
2. Evo Morales (Bolivia).
  • Almost similar to Venezuelan leaders. The Bolivian leader also took over the management of its oil resources from the hands of other state enterprises. Bolivia is not a big country, but has a very high nationalist spirit. As a result, the Bolivian people who originally lived in the poverty line, now can gradually enjoy prosperity.
3. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran).
  • The Iranian leader is modest, does not want to be luxurious, does not want to corrupt, and does not want to be dictated by foreign countries. So as to make Iran as a country and a nation that is sovereign economically, politically, technologically and militarily, and make Iran as a developed country.
4. Yoshihiko Noda (Japan).
  • Japan's famous sportsmanship and nationalist. If indications of corruption, Japanese leaders, especially Prime Minister is willing to resign, even ready to commit suicide. His retiring attitude is indeed to be imitated, but his suicidal attitude, unsuited to imitation.
5. Hu Jintao (China).
  • The leader is willing to prepare 1,000 coffins for corruptors, and a coffin for himself if proven to commit a criminal act of corruption. It is certainly a very courageous promise, and impossible to be pronounced by other world leaders.
6. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (Former President R.I).
  • Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expressed his readiness to stand at the forefront of corruption eradication, and ready for his sword to eradicate corruption.
If leaders around the world become leaders who dare to nationalize their natural resources such as Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales, and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who likes to live simply and unwilling to be curbed by foreign countries, and Japanese leaders who are ready to resign if there is corruption or fail to implement His duties, as well as a Chinese leader who is ready to be executed if proven to corrupt, then the earth will be peaceful and peaceful without the wars and famines that occur as it is today. And can the world's leaders create that ....?.

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