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The exploiters probably already know what a roll of paper that contains tobacco and a mixture of cloves.

The exploiters have come to understand that the rolls of tobacco-clogged paper, smoked after the tip is burned.

From the burning of paper rolls that produce smoke to take pleasure, and that's what is called a cigarette.

But some smokers are believed not to know the content of toxins in the roll (Cigarettes).

But different for those who already know it, there the experts said that cigarette smoking is one of the creators of hazardous chemicals.

Where only by burning and smoking a cigarette, capable of producing more than thousands of types of chemicals.

Thousands of these types of chemicals are mostly toxic, then the rest blend into the vacuuming organs, which can then result in cancer.

However, despite knowing the dangers contained in cigarettes, smokers still enjoy it.

Cigarettes are actually included in addictive substances, because cigarettes can cause addictions and addictions to the exploiters. Cigarettes are categorized into Narcotics, Psychotropic, and Addictive Substances.

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Furthermore the cigarette lovers can be divided into 2 groups, including:

1. Passive Sucker Group.
Passive smokers are either a person or a group that inhales someone else's cigarette smoke. It has been shown that passive smokers have the same health risks as active smokers, those who inhale their own cigarette smoke.

Early signs that can appear in passive smokers are Mata Pedih, Nose Beredus, and Head Dizziness. If passive smokers continue to enjoy their habits, the risk of health problems may be high, such as health problems in the lungs, heart, acute and chronic cough, Emphysema, Flu, and various diseases of the body.

2. Active Hucklings.
Active smokers are those who intentionally suck directly the rolls of tobacco and cloves. The purpose of smokers is basically to warm the body from cold temperature pressure.

But over time, the use of cigarettes is misunderstood, and now cigarettes are considered as a means to prove the identity that smokers are a handsome and dignified.

A cigarette addict has a characteristic that can be seen through.
Teeth are colored to yellow, where the cause of yellow teeth is due to the effects of nicotine. In addition, it causes Dirty Nails, due to nicotine-induced effects. Then the eyes feel sore, often cough in the long run, and mouth or breath smells of cigarettes.

Why are cigarettes harmful to health ...?
The dangers of cigarettes for health because they contain chemicals that are very harmful to the health of the body. Because every cigarette contains more than thousands of types of harmful chemicals for the body.

Some of the ingredients of cigarette manufacturing mixture can affect toxic effects, and some of them can cause cancer, mainly caused by nicotine.

What is Nicotine ...?
Nicotine is a substance that causes addiction with high tolerance, the longer consumed addicted to addiction. Addiction symptoms also occur in someone who starts quitting smoking. Initially nicotine can stimulate the work of the brain, so the smoker becomes intelligent.

However, if this happens continuously, then it will weaken the intelligence of the brain itself, this is caused by nicotine that spur the production of adrenal hormones.

And the production of adrenaline-stimulated hormone, will cause a faster heart rate and heart work more strongly. The heart will need more oxygen than usual. Surely the risk of coronary heart attack will be higher.

Furthermore, Carbon Monoxide. Why Carbon Monoxide ...?.
Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous gas, this gas should only exist in the exhaust of vehicle fumes. But with the donation of smokers, the gas that can also bind strongly with blood hemoglobin, becomes more in the air and sucked into the human body.

The presence of carbon monoxide that binds to blood haemoglobin, a smoker's auto heart that needs more oxygen, gets less oxygen. Surely it will lead to increased risk of heart and lung disease, as well as respiratory diseases.

In addition to shortness of breath, persistent cough, stamina and endurance of the smoker also gradually decreased. Due to disruption of the normal circulatory system, and in the presence of carbon monoxide gas in the blood, will result in damage to blood vessels as a distributor of blood flow. Therefore, it increases the risk of heart attack to death instantly.

Why Should Tar ...?.
Tar is widely used to pave the highway. If present in the body through the cigarette puff, then gradually and surely, will cause cancer. For example B-naphthylamine, nickel, benzoa pyrene, and nitrosamine.

Why Should Dikloro Difenyl Trikloroetana ...?.
Dikloro Difenyil Trikloroetana is an insect poison, which is usually used to kill mosquitoes, and other insects. This substance is dangerous, the substance is contained in the cigarette.

Why Should Formaldehyde ...?
Formaldehyde or more commonly known as formalin, is used to preserve corpses. Of course the substance is in the cigarette.

Why Should Acetone ...?.
Acetone is a substance used to melt the paint. Imagine the impact, if this substance is in the body through a cigarette.

Why Arsenic Substance ...?
Not much different from Dikloro Difenyl Trikloroetana, arsenic is a chemical that is often used to eradicate intruder insects.

Usually the flea or insect class will die if eradicated with arsenic substance tesebut. Certainly This substance is also in a smoked cigarette.

Why should cadmium ...?
Cadmium is a chemical usually present in motor vehicle batteries. The substance is also in the content of cigarettes.

Why Should Ammonia ...?
Ammonia is the active ingredient found in floor cleaners. Ammonia is also in the cigarette content.

Why Must Polonium ...?
The material is one of the radioactive substances, the substance was able to remove the active radiation that can cause changes in the structure and function of normal cells. Radioactive substances can also cause cancer, and this substance is in the cigarette puff

Why Should Vinyl Chloride Substance ...?
This substance is usually used as a raw material for making plastic. The substance is also in the womb of cigarette smoke, including Naphthalene and Hydrogen cyanide were in the content of the cigarette rolls.

So from the content of these substances that have been mentioned, can cause various kinds of deadly diseases that move slowly with the addition of time and age.

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Here is the damage to organs caused by cigarettes:

1. Skin Damage.
Smoking does not cause melanoma (a type of skin cancer that sometimes causes death) but smoking causes an increased chance of death from the disease.

It is suspected that smokers are at risk of Custaneus Scuamus Cell Cancer a type of cancer that leaves red spots on the skin twice as large as non-smokers.

2. Hair Damage.
Cigarettes weaken the immune system so that the body is more susceptible to diseases that cause hair loss, mouth sores.

3. Hearing Loss.
Because tobacco can cause deposits on the walls of blood vessels that inhibit the rate of blood flow into the inner ear. Smokers can lose hearing earlier than people who do not smoke or are more likely to lose hearing due to ear infections or loud noises.

The risk of getting middle ear infections that can lead to a further complication is called Meningitis and facial paralysis for smokers 3 times greater than in people who do not smoke.

4. Eye Damage.
Smoking is believed to aggravate the condition of the eye, the whitening of the lens of the eye that blocks the entry of light and causes blindness, 40% more occur in smokers.

Cigarettes can cause cataracts in 2 ways, namely how to irritate the eyes and with the release of chemicals in the lungs that by the bloodstream brought to the eye. Smoking can also be associated with muscular degration associated with old age, ie, incurable eye disease caused by worsening of the central part of the retina or called Mucula.

Mucula serves to focus the vision center in the eye and control the ability to read, drive a car, recognize the face and color and see the object in detail.

5. Damage Tooth.
Cigarettes affect the chemical balance in the mouth forming excessive plaque, making teeth yellow and caries occurrence, smokers at risk of losing their teeth.

6. Damage to Air Pockets.
In addition to lung cancer, smoking can cause enfisema that is the dilation and destruction of air bags in the lungs that decrease the lung capacity to suck oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

In severe cases Tracheotomy is used to help the patient breathing. Like an incision for ventilation holes in the throat as the entrance of air into the lungs. In cases of chronic bronchitis occurs buildup of muncus resulting in a painful cough and difficulty breathing.

7. Bone Damage.
Carbon monoxide is a toxic chemical found in car exhaust gases and cigarette smoke is more easily attached to blood than oxygen so that the ability of blood to remove oxygen drops 15% in smokers.

As a result the bone in smokers lose their density becomes more easily broken or cracked and healed longer. Smokers also become more prone to backbone problems. A study shows that factory workers who smoke more experience back pain after trauma.

8. Lung Damage.
In addition to lung cancer and heart smoking can also cause coughing. Due to the damaged air sacs in the lungs that decrease the capacity of the lungs and oxygen to release oxygen.

If this condition continues there will be a buildup of mucus resulting in a cough that tersa pain and difficulty breathing. One in three deaths in the world is caused by heart disease. Tobacco use is one of the biggest risk factors for this disease.

It has been established that cigarette smoke contains more than dozens of different toxic substances. The likelihood of developing lung and heart cancer in smokers is greater than that of non-suction experts (Smokers).

9. Damage to the Stomach.
Tobacco consumption decreases resistance to bacteria causing peptic ulcers to also minimize the ability of the stomach to neutralize stomach acid after eating so that the remaining acid will gnaw the stomach wall. Stomach ulcers suffered by smokers are more difficult to treat and cure.

10. Uterine Damage.
In addition to increasing the risk of cervical cancer and cigarette uterine meneyebabkan adverse fertility problems in women and various complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of delivering a baby with low birth weight and later health problems. Failure of pregnancy or abortion occurs 2-3 times greater in women smokers.

The same number applies also to births or deaths due to lack of oxygen to the fetus and placenta becoming abnormal as polluted by Carbon Monoxide and Nicotine in cigarette smoke.

Sudden infant death syndrome is also associated with tobacco use. In addition, cigarettes can lower estrogen levels that cause premature menopause.

11. Sperm Damage.
Cigarettes can cause deformation of sperm and damage to DNA resulting in abortion. Some studies have found that men who smoke increase the risk of becoming the father of a gifted child. Cigarettes also reduce the number of sperm and infertility many occur in smokers.

12. Damage to Blood flow.
The occurrence of inflammation in the veins, arteries and nerves, especially in the legs, resulting in inhibition of blood circulation. And if left untreated will lead to the death of body tissue so that should be cutting organs.

13. Heart Damage.
One in three deaths in the world is caused by cardiovascular disease. Tobacco use is one of the biggest risk factors for this disease.

In a developing country the disease kills more than one million people every year. Cardiovascular disease involving tobacco use in developed countries kills more than hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Smoking causes the heart to beat faster, increase blood pressure and increase the risk of hypertension and blockage of the arteries that eventually cause heart attack and stroke.

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