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What is meant by Entrepreneur or Entrepreneur is a person who is able to utilize a business opportunity, to be a business that can bring profits.

It is appropriate that an entrepreneur, or entrepreneur has the ability to manage and utilize the source of funds, as well as the resources available to maximize business.

In addition, the principle that must be held by entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs in running their business is the courage to bear the risk, but that does not mean ignoring the risks in entrepreneurship.

Based on this explanation, it can be concluded that the understanding of the entrepreneur is a person who is able to utilize the resources and resources available to run a business or business, as well as dare to bear the risk of the steps taken.

And one way to become an entrepreneur that is by learning entrepreneur from experts who have been famous first and have success in entrepreneurship.

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You also do not have to learn directly, but can learn the key to business success that has been held by them. Where it aims to look for entrepreneurial ideas, as well as help you in finding out and understand how the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

There are many examples of well - known entrepreneurs from around the World that can be an example of success, such as:

1. Mark Zuckerberg.
Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, where Facebook is a social networking site with the largest number of users today. So because of the greatness of Facebook, making Mark Zuckerberg as the richest young entrepreneur when the total wealth reached US $ 17.5 billion.

Billionaire who came from the city of White Plains New York, USA is successful since he was young. Mark Zuckerberg's success is not without obstacles, he was faced with a difficult choice between continuing education or continue the business of social networking Facebook.

Finally with courage Mark Zuckerberg chose to continue business to develop Facebook with his colleagues.

The choice of Mark Zuckerberg out of Harvard University to become an internet entrepreneur (internet entrepreneur) and develop a Facebook project was successful, as evidenced by the number of Facebook users continue to increase from year to year, even users have now reached 1 billion more active users.

Many of the lessons we can learn from Mark Zuckerberg's success stories, such as the success without education are possible, but of course must have the ability to achieve goals. 

And the key to success in the business held by Mark Zuckerberg is the courage to take risks, it was seen when he chose to continue the project start up of Facebook rather than continue his lecture.

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2. Jack Ma.
Jack Ma is a successful entrepreneur from Panda country, his success in berbinis stems from Alibaba site. Jack Ma is the founder of the Alibaba website or a worldwide online trading company, and his stock has even been traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Alibaba Group is based in the hometown of MA, Hangzhou.

The company was founded in 1999 by MA, and 17 friends. Then in 2014 and then from the New York Stock Exchange, Alibaba Group's value to US $ 231.44 billion, or well above Amazon with US $ 150 billion and eBay with US $ 67 billion.

With English proficiency and an English degree from Hangzhou Normal University, Jack Ma succeeded in becoming a lecturer at Hangzhou Dianzi University, but because the honorarium received was so small, it made him look for ways to earn extra income, but was always rejected.

Of the various rejection it makes Ma more creative and play a sense to find ways to earn money. Then Ma along with 17 friends established Ali Baba.com, and started his online buying and selling business.

In conclusion, the key to business success Jack Ma originated from his love of English and his ability to see business opportunities.

From the success of entrepreneurs who have described the author, it can be concluded that the key to successful entrepreneurship is as follows:

1. Expertise In Running Business / Business.
  • Broadly speaking there are some skills that must be mastered by an entrepreneur if you want to succeed in running a business, these three skills are Expertise in organizing all factors of production, technical expertise, Expertise in leading various businesses.
2. Developing Domestic Business Potential.
  • Develop business potential where you are, do not just focus on exports, because if the outside market is going down, then the business you run will die.
3. Commitment To Successful People.
  • High commitment to the things done so the key to success. The aspiration for success will also give strength, and for people who have no dreams, will certainly stay in place.

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