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Speaking of making money from the cyberspace, it seems not yet fit if not talk about Google Adsense or a more familiar with the name Adsense. Because until now, Adsense remains a conversation among bloggers.

So that is, Adsense is more trusted by money seekers through blogs, than others. Together in the shade of Google's big name, as well as good integration with all its services, make Adsense the number one choice in earning extra income for bloggers.

Trust the bloggers against Google Adsense no doubt, because the source of income this one is very worthy to try and serious to be occupied. Because not a few successful bloggers, and earn more than enough income from Adsense.

Google Adsense included in the category of PPC (Pay Per Click), if described in detail means we will be paid every time there is a virtual world surfers clicking on ads served by Google Adsense.

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PPC working system is short as a publisher or publisher, the bloggers will get the ad code that may be placed on his site or blog. Then if there are people who are interested and click on ads on the blog, it will get paid.

And after reaching 100 $, the bloggers can withdraw it by check or through Western Union. Quite easy and exciting not ... ?, bloggers like having a fixed source of income every month, while sleeping, money will still flow into the blogger account.

To become a publisher of Adsense ads must first have a website or blog, because later Adsense will place ads on the site. Once you have a website or blog, you can sign up to be an adsense publisher through this address www.google.com/adsense.

Furthermore there is no limitation of Adsense how many sites that we may menyilangan ads, once we are approved as a publisher by Adsense then we can place ads on any site owned, of course these sites all should not violate any agreement or Adsense policy.

Related to this Adsense policy, many bloggers or publishers are disappointed and say that registering Adsense is difficult. Though according to the bloggers who have been successful is not the case, it is due to not understand exactly what is allowed or not allowed by Google Adsense.

If you understand, and there is no violation of Adsense policy, it is easy to become an Adsense publisher, any simple blog, if eligible from Adsense, will be approved soon.

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Successful blogger colleagues say, the most important thing to note related to Adsense policy, is the Content must be original or not the result of copy and paste from other websites or blogs. The copyrighted material, and if you feel it is not yours should not be installed on the website / blog that has been owned.

Adult Content, Adsense does not allow adult websites to be Adsense publishers. Furthermore there are still some other things that must be considered to be a publisher of Adsense ads. Some things about Adsense are

The ad content that appears will be automatically adjusted with keywords on your site / blog, so overall it blends well between the ads and articles in the blog.

By the middle of this year, registering Adsense is still free, so it can be said there is no risk to try. The ownership status of Adsense account has no time limit, the advantages are the facility to filter ads, in order to prevent unwanted advertisement.

Together in the shadow of big name Google, if you already have a blog / site and want to get extra money from blogs / sites owned, Adsense can be the main choice for that purpose.

Although the author himself until now has not been accepted to be a publisher of Adsense ads, but the author will keep trying as much as possible.

Because the author believes, Google Adsense will receive a friend who really tried and want to become a successful person, as long as the agreement and the policy of Google Adsense is not violated, especially for the author. And for those of you who already have a website or blog, immediately sign up to Adsense.

Because, in addition to making yourself creative, Adsense also provide additional income, even has given birth to many bloggers become millionaires.

In essence, Google Adsense has lifted the life of the poor to be respected, and if you do not believe please do a search on Google Search Engine about the poor to be successful from Adsense (Eka Lesmana one, or Duck Farmer from Indonesian). Good luck, and successful greetings always ... !!!

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