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The problem of smoking is quite worrying, in addition to penetrating the children - children, cigarettes are also now dominated by women.

In the case of smoking, the average initially experimented, then gradually became addicted. After addiction, many smokers actually intend to quit, but very few are able to quit.

Quitting smoking is very difficult, in addition to being a habit, cigarettes are also sometimes a major requirement in the association.

Despite that, quitting smoking by sticking to the intention and ingrained in the heart can be done, especially if his little heart has said that a cigarette contains thousands of chemicals, even a cigarette many toxic that can cause cancer.

Then again his little heart also said that smoking a cigarette every day is just poised toxins in the body, which will be bad for future health.

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For that start now try to quit smoking, because if quit smoking feel its own benefits for your body. Here are the benefits of stopping smoking for body health:

Relationship Intimate Much Better.
  • Quit smoking can make the blood circulation becomes more smoothly. If the blood circulation smoothly then it will automatically affect your sensitivity in relation. Both men and women will get the same impact.
Physically Visible Young.
  • Smoking can reduce the intake of oxygen to the skin, thus making your skin look older. However, when you stop smoking your skin will get more oxygen intake, so it can prevent premature aging and the emergence of wrinkles.
Far From Stress.
  • You may think that smoking can overcome stress, because cigarettes contain nicotine. But make no mistake, in fact it is just a drug withdrawal symptoms of nicotine and smoking can soothe the soul.
  • Keep in mind the nicotine is not a stress reliever, its only temporary. Precisely according to research stress levels of people who quit smoking will decline from when he was still smoking.
Increase Fertility.
  • The cervix and sperm quality will improve after you quit smoking. This means, the chance to have a baby is much greater than when you were still smoking.
Risks Affected by Very Deadly Diseases.
  • The risk of lung cancer, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, tongue cancer, oral cancer, cervical cancer will all decline after you decide to quit smoking. Rest assured that Having a healthy family is the most important stop smoking benefit.
  • And for those of you who want to have a healthy family, from now on stop smoking. Why...? because by quitting smoking will protect the family from the dangers of cigarette smoke. In addition, the benefits of quitting smoking not only affect health, but save expenses.
Again reiterate, stop smoking is not an easy thing, especially for you who have been smoking for years or become addicts. 

But if you have a strong determination to quit smoking, there is no word that is impossible as long as you want to try.

Essentially set the stance for a better life. And here are some ways to stop smoking that can be good for you:

Prepare Snack Foods.
  • How to stop smoking is to always prepare snacks. You can choose the type of snacks according to their individual taste. The existence of these snacks is useful to distract them from smoking.
Focus On Its Faith.
  • Very many health benefits when you decide to quit smoking. Not only for yourself, but the benefits of quitting smoking can also be felt by the family. Example for yourself, try to think stop smoking can make the face look more handsome, beautiful, beautiful, youthful, and radiant. Thus this kind of assumption, little by little will keep you away from cigarettes.
Self - rush.
  • Especially at the beginning of trying to quit smoking, find busy with the things you like and try not to leave a lot of time alone, so free from cigarettes.In addition to busy self, busy your hands too. Some studies prove, the desire to smoke will be higher when the hands do not perform activities at all.
Avoid Smoking Habits.
  • Avoid the main reasons that make you to smoke, such as drinking coffee, alcohol, evening events, arguing, and so forth. If you can not resist the temptation try to drink dairy products, eat fruits, and vegetables. According to some surveys the food will provide a sense of uncomfortable when you smoke.
Undergo Medical Treatment.
  • Not just friends and family, any help you can get from a doctor. Consult your wish to quit smoking to the doctor. Usually the doctor will perform such medical treatment by providing nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine effects later you can get from gum or a suction tablet that all contain nicotine.
Role Determination That Will Not Smoke.
  • Many people who promise to quit smoking, but not a few who violate it. When you decide to quit smoking, try to discipline yourself. Maybe once in a while you will be tempted to smoke, and as good as possible from now on keep that mind away. Smoking a cigarette though one can trigger you to continue sucking again.
Visiting Non Smoking Areas.
  • Try to spend hours a day where smoking is not allowed, such as libraries or bookstores. But if you want to drink with my friends, I recommend choosing no-area without cigarette smoke.
Pray to the Creator.
  • Technique or effort as hard as anything will never produce results, if not accompanied by prayer. In addition to increasing confidence, prayer can provide a kind of protective strength, especially for smokers to continue the effort to stop smoking, and will never smoke again. Good luck, and hope you quickly quit smoking .

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