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How to distinguish Original Gold, and Gold False ...?. Do not be confused, there must be a way.

In ancient times, to know the real or fake gold is done in a simple way that is bite the gold, because pure gold has a physical not hard like brass. If the original gold is bitten, there will be a tooth mark on the gold that has been bitten.

And that's also the reason why athletes documenting themselves while biting a gold medal, it is of course to tell that the medal is made of genuine gold.

But that way is now not allowed anymore. Because, in addition to damaging the quality of gold, this way can be dangerous to the teeth health of athletes.

With the advancement of the times, technological sophistication is also certainly more awakened. Not covering the possibilities along with the progress of the times, as well as the development of sophisticated technology, naughty gold craftsmen can make fake gold jewelry approaching the original gold features.


In order not to be fooled when going to buy genuine gold, preferably before buying genuine gold needs to know the basic techniques for recognizing the original and fake characteristics.

In addition to easy and can be done alone, accuracy at least closer to the truth, so when buying the original gold far from the victims of deception unscrupulous craftsmen.

As to whether the way to know the real gold or fake gold ...?, And what differences should be known to recognize the original gold or fake gold ...?. Well let us know first, what is meant by real gold.

Original gold is pure gold or 100% gold, this precious metal is not as hard as brass. When made jewelry, then its durability will be reduced. From that, the craftsmen usually mix with other metals such as Silver, Lead, or Bronze.

If the original gold has been merged into one with metal other than gold, of course the gold content of the goods is automatically reduced, for example only 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and the unit of content is usually called with Rust, then pure gold equivalent With 24 carats.

The less gold content, the cheaper the price of the jewelry. And if very little gold content can be said fake gold, plus if it does not contain gold at all, it is called imitation gold or mock.

Original gold is seen as a precious metal that was recognized since ancient times, the original gold has a beautiful shiny physical texture, and has a high selling value. So that the metal just a lot of hunted by humans.

Due to have an expensive selling point, this original gold moves the hearts of rogue craftsmen to make a fake gold approaching the original golden features, certainly it is to reap multiple benefits.

In order to avoid this gold fraud, better jewelry users before buying to recognize the original gold texture or fake gold first, so that the jewelry users do not bear the harm to the future.

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Here's how to recognize the Original Gold and Fake Gold that jewelers should know about:

1. Notice the Change in Gold Color.
  • Try to rub a little in certain parts with fingers. If the mark appears to be a color change, it means false. It should be tried on gold bullion.
2. Swiping Gold On Ceramic Floor Or Paper.
  • To know the real and fake gold, can also be done with a little swipe on paper, ceramic floor, or plate. Then notice the friction on the surface where the bend was. And if there are black marks or the like, it can be inferred that gold is false. For if the real gold, He will not leave the mark despite the scraping.
3. Bite Gold.
  • Although this is not recommended, but some people still do it. Where the original gold has no hard characteristics such as brass. If you get pressure from your teeth, then the gold will have a tooth mark on the place of the tooth pressure.
4. Testing the Authenticity of Gold With Magnet.
  • Testing the authenticity of gold can be done also with Magnet. So if Gold is brought closer to Magnet, then Gold will not stick to Magnet. However, if the test result turns out Gold is not interested in Magnet, it does not mean it is Gold. For this subject this should be done pengelekkan more depth.
5. Looking at the Rust and Rust (K) in Gold.
  • Although gold is already in the form of jewelry, note the shape of the surface, especially on the inside. Usually there are marks 999.9 in gold bars, or on jewelry in the form of Rust which is in the form of writing 10 K, 14 K, 18 K, 22K, and 24K. Most likely the writing is so small that it takes precision to find it.
6. Testing Gold With Acid.
  • Original gold or fake gold can be tested by using liquid Nitric Acid. To try it, ie prepare a stainless steel container and place the gold in it. Then, drop a liquid of Nitric Acid acid just a drop on the gold, then wait for the reaction from the acid.
  • Furthermore, if the original gold will not react, and if it changes color to greenish means gold contain iron metal. Testing so on, if it reacts to bring gold color, gold gold probability that this test contains Brass material. And if it gives milk color, it means that there is a silver metal content.
7. Measuring the Density of Gold.
  • Measuring the density of Gold is a bit difficult, but the result with a very high level of accuracy. If you want to do this, learn about this stage:
  • Provide a glass or container of Mililiter size, then filled with water. Next record the height of the water surface before gold is put into the container. Then the next step dipped the gold into a glass with a yarn hanger.
  • After that record the difference of surface water, so count with the formula density = Mass / Volume. Metal Gold has a density that is rarely encountered in other metals, if the result is close to 19 g / ml, it means that it is real gold.
Suggestion writer, if you want to buy gold, try to buy it place or store that certified. With so authenticity will be guaranteed. Because the places that have been certified, usually already have the equipment to test the try.

And you can also ask at once to ask for explanations of the original gold and fake gold marks to the owner of the gold shop that has been certified, the author sure will be given an explanation, because He does not want to lose the buyer or the regular customers. Please try it...!!!

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