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Despite leaving its original shiny yellow color, white gold still declared real gold because it is made of gold.

What makes the color so white is a mixture of Silver and Palladium, while yellow gold remains yellow due to a mixture of Copper and Zinc.

Speaking of jewelry, we can find one more type of base material made of Platinum or Platinum, physically almost the same when compared with white gold.

But about the price, platinum is more expensive and multiply. What kind of Platinum is ...?, And what are the differences with white gold ..?. The following will be briefly explained.

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1. Differences White Gold with Platinum.
  • White gold is a yellow gold mixed with Silver or Palladium metal. As a result of the mixture, the gold turns white, and when the white gold is forged into jewelry, the color texture is not shiny or dull, so the gold is shiny usually coated with another metal called Rodium.
  • Please note, the price of Rodium is very expensive, then that's one reason the price of white gold can be higher than yellow gold. Disadvantages of the coating does not last long, in the period of about 12 - 18 months should be polished again.
  • Platinum or Platinum is a metal, which can be jewelry and the results can shine without the need for any layer. In addition, Platinum is also denser and heavier. So that's why the price of Platinum is much more expensive, that's the difference between White Gold and Platinum, which are not exactly the same metals as the common people know.
2. The difference between Yellow Gold and White Gold.
  • What first comes to your mind when hearing the words of Gold ..?, I am sure the majority will imagine a glossy yellow metal glossy. This is true, because the chemical element with the Au (Aurum) symbol if it is purely colored like that, but if you see the market, especially necklace shop, earrings, bracelets, rings, and so on, will not only find jewelry yellow gold, But white gold too. Next, is White Gold really not Gold ..?. And if he Gold, what's the difference with the Yellow Gold ...?.
  • What is the difference between Yellow Gold and White Gold, as explained above the original color of Pure Gold 100% or 24 Karat is yellow shiny. But to note is, pure Gold actually has a soft nature. While for durabilitasnya will not be long if formed into jewelry.
  • To outsmart, the craftsmen are mixing with other metals. And how to mix it is also not arbitrary, because the choice of metal and composition must be precise.
  • Because the fewer the Gold, the less its purity.This is what resulted in the mention of 20 Karat Gold, 18 Karat, 16 Karat, and so on (There are also called 90%, 75%, and so on).
  • Then for the metal used as a mixture of Brass, Copper, Silver, Palladium, and Nickel. Then, these metals are influential in giving the color of the final result. If mixed with Brass / Copper produces Yellow Gold, and when mixed with Silver / Palladium will produce White Gold.
3. White Gold is Original Gold, and not Fake Gold.
  • Although the original color is abandoned, White Gold is not a Fake Gold. However it still contains the basic ingredients of Gold. And if you see the market, the price of White Gold is actually more expensive when compared with Yellow Gold, but Yellow Gold has a more stable price if you want to resell.
  • For additional information about the difference between Yellow Gold and White Gold. In the past, users of Gold White jewelry more experienced skin allergies when compared with Yellow Gold users. Why so ...?, Because the mixture is Nickel.
  • This Nickel material does cause such risks, but for you lovers of White Gold do not need to worry too much, because now the Gold mixture of Nickel has begun to be reduced measure Choose gold jewelry which is yes ..., Gold or Yellow Gold jewelry. ... ?, let not confused may be considered the impression caused by it.
  • Where, when wearing White Gold will look modern, while wearing Yellow Gold will look Classic and Elegant.

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