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What do you know about Quote ... ?, so that you understand a little and not confused what the meaning of this Quote, the author will explain it briefly.

Quote is, a single word in english which means a quotation, or passage. While in the plural is, Quotes which means quotations. Quote (Quotation) is generally quoted, or quotes (Quotation Marks) in front and back of the sentence.

Maybe you guys know the sentence of money, and then made Quote like this "When you are poor, neighbors will not come. After becoming rich, you will be surprised by visits from distant relatives". Including proverbs, proverbs, or language phrases whether the subject ...?.

Although originally like ordinary language and without containing satire, but the sentence of quotation language that comes from the country of China is famous almost all over the world.

Even for some people become a kind of slogan to justify the nature of respect, when someone has reached the point of success, both in terms of Economics, Position (Position), and Finance.

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It turns out that in other countries also the same, there appears a sentence containing the word about money that later in the Quote, and became familiar to the ears of citizens throughout the country.

Let us know the various famous quotes (Quote) about money, which comes from a number of countries in the world:

1. Quote Italy.
  • "When gold speaks, every tongue will be silent".
  • "A happy heart is better than a bag full of money".
  • "The money belongs to the people like holy water, then everyone helps himself to get it".
2. Quote France.
  • "Worries about money are not mortal wounds".
  • "Money is money, wherever it comes from".
  • "Who pays the debts will become rich".
3. Turkey Quote.
  • "He who borrows money then he will suffer".
  • "If you have money, you have wisdom. If not, then you are stupid".
  • "Eat and drink with your friends, but do not trade with them".
4. Quote Yiddi.
  • "Money causes rogues to be recognized".
  • "With money in your pocket, you become wise, handsome, and sing well".
  • "Having a penny like having a lot of money if you do not have a dime".
5. Quote United States.
  • "If a person has a hundred dollars and earns a million dollars, then that is very unusual, but if someone has a hundred million dollars and earns a million dollars, then it can not be avoided".
  • "After the rich get rich, the next ambition is to become richer".
6. Japanese Quote.
  • "Getting money is like digging with a needle, while its expenditure is like water that quickly seeps into the sand".
  • "If you want to cheat the rich and strong, you do not insult them".
7. Quote Poland.
  • "Misers accumulate wealth for those who want them dead".
  • "Under capitalism, human beings exploit humanity, under socialism, the state of affairs is the opposite."
8. Quote Armenia.
  • "When your luck increases, your house column becomes crooked".
9. Quote Seneca.
  • "The shortest path to riches lies in the insult of wealth".
10. Quote China.
  • "If you have money, you can create ghosts and demons back into the grinders".
  • "Failure comes to win money".
  • "If anywhere you go tight with money, then you will be greeted with a life that is not bright".
  • "The person who saves will become a free person."
  • "If you only have two cents left in the world, then buy a loaf of bread with one penny and a lily with one other penny".
  • "If the small money is not issued, then the big money will not come in".
  • "It's hard to be rich without boasting like the difficulty of being poor without complaining".
  • "There is no amount of money that can make other people praise you behind you".
  • "Those who insult money will end up begging to their friends".
  • "Money can not buy the heart's desire ".
  • "Want something for a long time then you can not get it".
11. Quote Indonesian.
  • "There is a beloved brother's money, no money brother was kicked".
12. Quote Russian.
  • "When money speaks, the truth will be silent".
  • "Not money if it does not give happiness even though the amount is already a lot of money."
Thus the Quote of some countries in the world summarized by the author, perhaps some of the errors and deficiencies. For that if anyone wants to correct or add it, please provide feedback in column this blog comment.

And hopefully what has been summarized by the author about the money that made this Quote, can add to our insight.

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