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Youth is a long-lasting state and seems to remain young, even though age has grown old.

Therefore, youth is the longing of every human being, especially women who already have a life partner, but to make it happen it is easy - easy to do so.

Here's the reason why his partner (Husband) is more youthful than women (Wife):

1. Adult.
  • The first reason a woman (wife) is older than her spouse (husband), because the woman is more mature quickly. This maturity is influenced by many factors such as life experiences and daily life situations.
2. Sweat glands.
  • Women (Wives) have fewer sweat glands than men (husbands). Sweat glands themselves serve to produce oils that keep skin soft, and help blood vessels to drain blood to organs that can brighten the skin. If the lack of sweat glands will make the skin more easily attracted so easy to cause wrinkles.
3. Menopause.
  • Furthermore, women look older than their partners because women experience menopause. Physical women tend to quickly look old, wrinkled and less fresh due to reduced estrogen hormone caused by manopause.Even though esterogen hormone that serves to keep skin to look healthy and radiant. With the deficiency of esterogens, will certainly make the blood flow decreases as well as causing fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.
4. Bone porous.
  • In addition to menopause, women are also more prone to osteorporosis or bone loss, where the bones on the cheeks and lower jaws of women change more rapidly than their partners, and that's what causes women's faces to look older.
5. Easy To Stress.
  • Not only experience bone loss, women are also more susceptible to stress. Women do have more of a burden of thinking than their partners. Causes of stress can be derived from the habits of life, work or domestic life.
The reason above is not to be a benchmark for married women to not stay young, and ageless can be achieved by anyone because it does not look rich or poor.

Here one of the many ways that women can look younger as long as the female partner ( Husband) as often as possible, and this way is very simple that is by sucking the woman's breasts (Wife).

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But remember yes, this is only applied by married couples only:

1. Female breasts (Wives) are often sucked, Causing the balance of her feminine cardiovascular system to be maintained. If partner suck the breast in the long run, then the heart of a woman can increase to 110 times / minute. This can be a great exercise for heart health.

2. Sucking a woman's breast (Wife) can make her weight more stable, even reduced. Therefore, the woman's breast sucked for 3 minutes by his partner can burn fat about 12 calories.

3. If women want to have a firmer face, make a couple (husband) do not hesitate to more often suck her breasts. Where the breast is often sucked then more than 30 facial muscles will move, this is certainly useful to increase blood flow to the skin as well as smoothing skin.

4. Exploiters women's breasts (Wife) as often as possible a natural medicine that is useful to stimulate the immune system, because the result is the production of antibodies that can protect from the virus, and this process is called cross immunotherapy. Obviously if you have immunity and protected from the virus is believed to be fitter body always, which certainly has no impact on aging.

5. When the breast inhaled, the woman's breath will be faster than usual. Women who sucked her breasts can inhale and exhale at least 60 times in one minute, whereas in normal circumstances only 20 times per one minutes. Next positive side in the can is Inhaling and exhaling more often can prevent various disorders of the lungs.

6. Women's breasts (Wife) is often sucked by her partner (husband) in the long run or more than 5 minutes, will make a woman's body more relaxed. So the result of this suction can produce chemical chains to destroy the various stress-causing hormones.

So simple techniques for women (Wife) can stay young. Hopefully with this simple technique, each married woman's couple can be as often as possible to apply it. For that if this article terrace help, do not forget to tell the family and other friends.

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