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In general, the term political can be interpreted various activities within a country that involves the process of determining the purpose of the system, and implement the purpose of the system.

The word itself comes from the Greek word "Polis" which means city status.

According to experts, Political Science is a science that studies about politics, and Politics is also interpreted as an attempt to achieve a good life.

Society of Greek regions like Plato and Aristotle called it En Dam Onia or The Good Life.

Meanwhile, according to other experts explain that politics is defined as the use of social power by force.

This means that political science can be interpreted as the nature and source of coercion, and how to use social power by force.

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Some experts also interpret different, such as:
  • Seely and Stephen Leacock mention political science is a harmonious science in dealing with government.
  • Bluntschli, Garner and Frank Good now who claim that political science is the study of the state environment.
  • Paul Janet (French thinker) reveals that political science as the science that governs the development of the state, as well as the principles of government. Next R.N. Gilchrist also supports the opinion of Paul Janet.
Political Science began well in Ancient Greece, but political science made improvements in Roman times. Then in the middle of the age, political science was not very developed, but little developed in the Renaissance and Information.

So making some substantial developments in the XIX century. Then because political science acquired its own characteristics, its rapid development took place in the 20th century.

Political science as a thought about the state began around 450 BC (Before Christ) on the work of Herodotus, Plato, Aristotle, and others). While some Asian cultural centers such as India and China have collected some quality papers.

Writings from India are collected in Dharmasatra and Arthasastra Literature which began around 500 BC, then among the famous Chinese Philosophy there are Confucius, Mencius, and Shan Yang that range from 350 BC.

In the United States, there are different developments. Because there is a desire to break free from Juridical pressure, and more basing themselves on Empirical data collection.

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Further development as the development of Sociology and Psychology became an influence for political science. So the development goes quickly, and this can be seen by the establishment of the American Political Science Association in 1904.

Within Eastern European countries, the traditional approach of history, law and philosophy is still in effect today. After the collapse of communism, political science developed rapidly, as seen by the growing approaches in western countries to the traditional approach.

The development of political science is also attributed to the strength of some international agencies, such as the United Nations Educational Scientific, Cultural Organization (Unesco).

Due to differences in Methodology and Terminology in political science, the United Nations Educational Scientific, Cultural Organization in 1948 conducted a survey of political science around 30 countries.

Then, several French experts discussed this project, and produced the book Contemporary Political Science in 1948.

Then in the future, the United Nations Educational Scientific, Cultural Organization with the International Political Science Association (IPSA) covers about ten countries, namely the West alongside India, Mexico and Poland discussing this research at a conference in Cambridge, England and the results were compiled by WA Robson From the London School of Economics and Political Science in The University Teaching of Political Science, 1952.

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