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The presence of the internet supported by various modern technologies such as thstint era, indirectly brings great opportunities for creative industry changes.

Sophisticated technology there must be a way of creative industry players in making a profit, but in addition to the creative industry players who have successfully implemented it, we all can also apply it as long as willing to think creatively and eagerly on the way.

For that creative thinking can be done by being an online sticker creator, then from the activity can be a field looking for money in a very fantastic amount.

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Great Opportunity Available On Online Stickers.
  • Online Sticker Creators are potentially huge because amidst the growth of the creative industry, the profession is promising a lucrative income, even one example of Indonesia's online sticker creators earning 1.5 billion from the line in a year. Figures above 1 billion within a year of course is not a small thing for the majority of Indonesian people. But here's the reality, where if someone would try to think creatively surely he could open up opportunities for sources of income.
  • Parse back about stickers, stickers meant are online stickers commonly used for messaging app decorating. The potential to make stickers online and then sold online is not a figment only, because proven one of the sticker creator account named Rifalisme managed to incised income worth 1.5 billion within a year, but to earn a very fantastic amount of income this sticker can become popular In a few months, then after collected within a period of 1 year finally collected some money.
Cooperation With Line Application.
  • Using messaging apps may not be a new thing for Indonesian citizens. Nearly all who live in urban areas, most likely already have online tools that can be used to access messaging applications. One of the most commonly used messaging apps is Line, because this app is basically more emphasis on stickers and emoticons as superior. Furthermore stickers are commonly popular users, usually contain local content because the content is loved especially young people.
  • Keep in mind, the story of a sticker creator named Rifalisme can not always happen to anyone. It must be believed that, rifalism account of course also has the ability and dedication to make high quality sticker line. Therefore it is not surprising that the work produced, can be appreciated well by all consumers, especially in Indonesian.
Online Stickers Potentially To Be Developed.
  • The reason creators sticker into a golden opportunity for creative people around the world, because in Indonesian even including other countries is the majority of Line users come from the teenagers who in fact likes to be funny and unique things. In Indonesia alone, most Line application users come from among teenagers aged 18-25 years. For that for a positive thinker develop your creative talents right now, before other creators preceded.
  • In addition to unique and funny, this online sticker consumer also includes consumers who very often use stickers when accessing Line messaging applications. And from there with the aim that the more expression to convey the message, the more massive users send wear stickers. Nevertheless, the Line does not provide restrictions for anyone who wants to be a sticker creator, especially for stickers raised local themes are very popular.
Come on a friend pour your skills to earn more, lest you be preceded by other friends. Now the Line is not limiting to be a sticker creator, but I'm sure gradually there will be a limit.

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