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Computer security (Cybersecurity) is the security of information applied to computers and networks. Cyberattacks typically attack large companies, banks and governments.

Although it does not cover the possibility of cyberattacks also attacked small or low scale companies, plus the most startup in the current era of digital based.

For small or low scale companies, it is better to keep companies that have been established from cyberattacks, because it is feared that the cyber criminals will not hesitate to damage your company's computer security, better prevent than cure.

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And the following 11 easy to apply cyberscurity for small or low scale companies:

1. Symantec for Small Businesses.
  • Symantec offers a special security package built for small businesses. Symantec's small business security includes antivirus / antispyware, firewall and privacy protection. Privacy protection is used to prevent data loss, automatic backup, recovery, email transfer, filtering that prevents data leakage.
2. Lookout Mobile Security.
  • Not only are computers at risk nof cyberattacks, other devices such as phones and tablets are also at risk. Lookout mobile security, protecting phones and tablets by predicting, anticipating and protecting against malware threats, data leakage and other risks.
3. Random.org.
  • Passwords are one of the most important things to keep your device safe. Random.org has a password generator that will automatically provide strong security by using alphanumeric up to 24 characters.
4. ESET.
  • If you are an entrepreneur who wants integrated security for all devices within the company, ESET may be an option. ESET (www.eset.com) allows for integrated security that includes computers, mobile phones, USB drives, servers and networks. ESET also offers security that can be ordered in accordance with the needs of the company
5. Cradlepoiny NetCloud Engine (Pertino).
  • Cradlepoiny NetCloud Engine - cradlepoint.com (Pertino) offers security by using VPNs with various layers of security protection, such as multifactor authentication, user ID combinations, central and other data protection.
  • Large-scale denial of service (DDoS) attacks have increased in recent times. This large-scale attack caused considerable financial losses. This is very influential on small businesses that move online. That's why NSFOCUS (nsfocusglobal.com) provides integrated security for small businesses, such security includes attack detection, defense, and monitoring management including for most advanced attacks.
7. CSID.
  • Not only individuals who experience identity theft, the company also did not escape from this event. To protect companies from identity theft, CSID is a good solution. CSID (www.csid.com) offers security services from fraudulent threats, credit services and data breach mitigation. It is useful for protecting highly sensitive data, CSID offers advanced authentication methods using a global ID verification and biometrics voice system.
8. StaySafeOnline.org.
  • StaySafeOnline.org supporters are the National Cyber Scurity Alliance (NCSA) which helps small business owners to protect their businesses. With StaySafeOnline.org small business owners can learn to analyze possible risks, monitor threats, and plan network security. Business owners can also learn how to deal with cyberattacks attacks and how to report cyberattacks to competent authorities.
9. FCC Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0.
  • Want to protect all documents in the company ...?. You can try Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) Small Biz Cyber Planner. Just by filling out personal information and company concentration, planning will automatically generate a security plan with suggestions from the experts.
10. Social - Engineering.com.
  • Social - Engineering.com (www.social-engineer.org) helps identify areas at risk while analyzing cyberattacks that can exploit security.
11. HTTPS Everywhere.
  • HTTPS Everywhere (www.security-insider.de) makes web browsing more secure. Some websites use HTTPS Everywhere to protect data when users log in, make purchases online, and complete other transactions. The use of HTTPS Everywhere is limited in choosing a website page, but this can ensure the security of browsing.
Hopefully this information, useful for the company you have built. However, if the information that has been contained useful for you, certainly will be useful also for others, then share that information to those who need it. Successful greeting always ... !!!

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