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My Journey

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 | Wednesday, March 29, 2017

This is information About Us (Hanny & Melissa).

Sharing information is a thing we have to do every time. Because by sharing information means that we helped and intellectual life among fellow (human) world above.

Therefore, the information is deemed very important to be known by every human being in the world, Hanny (Melissa) took the initiative to share information through http://www.economicfinancialpoliticalandhealth.com/.

The information that will be shared by Hanny (Melissa) mainly related information about the economic, financial, political, and health.

Besides information about education, history, and motivation were also presented by Hanny (Melissa), with good purpose for all the readers in the world.

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But as a writer, Hanny (Melissa) realize that the articles in this blog are not experts on the content - content that has been presented therein.

Where most of the content on the blog article, is an information that is still to be reckoned with again 100% accuracy level, success and benefits.

In the joint information sharing trip Hanny (Melissa), of course, a lot of oversight conducted by the author. For that as a human being that has no power and effort, Hanny (Melissa) gives space to readers who want to ask, give criticism, suggestions, ideas or feedback through the Contact Us page, even while also page Privacy Policy and Disclaimer participate are in the blog, and deserve to be known by all visitors.

Hanny (Melissa) hope, with the presence of http://www.economicfinancialpoliticalandhealth.com/ in the eyes of the world, the entire content in blogs can be useful to help once the intellectual life of all human beings on this earth. Furthermore, http://www.economicfinancialpoliticalandhealth.com/ will always try to post a helpful article, at least 1 article in one day.

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Then, as an expression of gratitude for the presence of this blog, the authors say thank you to God Almighty, Google (Larry Page & Sergey Brain) or third - party supporters on the publication http://www.economicfinancialpoliticalandhealth.com/, and do not forget also an expression of gratitude for all the readers who are willing to visit the blog Hanny (Melissa).

Hopefully deeds or good, long life, abundant sustenance, as well as the health of unequaled given by the Almighty God to us all, and later accepted his side.

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