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Ability of Human Resources (HR) below average, is considered as the main cause of poverty in a country. Poor countries, usually determined by GDP / GDP of a country.

Countries can be categorized as poor, if they earn GDB / GDP below the World Bank's income. GDP / GDP itself is a measure of the average income of a country's population per day, this value can be an indicator of economic prosperity rather than a State.

The World Bank says, if a country's residents earn revenue below US $ 2 / day, then this country is categorized as a poor country.

The World Bank in each year monitors the movement of GDP / GDP growth to all countries in the world. Based on the results obtained monitoring that, then become a reference to determine the order or list of poor countries.


By 2017, the list of the poorest countries is not much changed compared to 2016. This is certainly the impact of global economic growth that tend to slow down. Countries that are on the African continent today still dominate the order of the poorest countries.

Here are the 10 poorest countries in the world, according to data set by the World Bank. This sequence is determined by countries with the lowest GDP / GDP, among them:

1. Central African Republic.
  • Central African Republic is a small country located in the interior of Africa with a population of only 4 million people. The country recorded the world's smallest GDP / GDP of US $ 640. The almost every sectarian violence. Year making the country's economy difficult to develop. Shattered governance, and rampant corruption add to the ugliness of the situation. As a result, the increasingly widespread poverty is hardly unstoppable.
2. Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • The second poorest country in the world is occupied by the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country is a country located in Central Africa. The country with a population of 67 million only gained GDP / GDP of US $ 750. Past conflicts that continue to occur today trigger instability in the government. As a result, the country's economy is difficult to develop.
3. Malawi.
  • The world's poorest 3rd country is in Malawi, a country located in South Africa. The per capita GDP / GDP of this country is estimated at US $ 820. In fact, Malawi's economy has improved in recent years, but the high inflation and dependence on donor financing, the inhibiting factor of widespread improvement.
4. Liberia.
  • Liberia is the 4th poorest country in the world with a population of 4 million, it is located on the west coast of Africa, the value of Liberia's GDP / GDP is in the range of US $ 935. Liberia still feels the pain of civil war, which happened for 20 years. Widespread poverty, illiteracy and corruption make the country's economy weaker.
5. Burundi.
  • Burundi belongs to the fifth poorest country in the world. The small country of 10 million is located in Central Africa. The country only records GDP / GDP of US $ 951. Political instability, rampant corruption, and low levels of development are seen as the main factors causing the country's economic difficulties to develop. As a result, poverty is widening.

6. Nigeria.
  • Nigeria's sixth poorest country in the world is occupied by Nigeria. Nigeria is a country located in West Africa and has a population of 173 million. The country with the largest Muslim population in Africa has only GDP / GDP of US $ 1,070. In recent years, the country has continued to boost the extractive industries to contribute to the country's economy. However, the consequences of political instability, poor institutional governance, and dependence from donor countries, make the economy of this country not showing a promising increase.
7. Mozambique.
  • The world's poorest 7 nations are in Mozambique. The country of 25 million is located in Southern Africa. The size of GDP / GDP of this country is less than US $ 1,100. In fact, Mozambique has shown a promising trend of economic growth over the past decade. However, the growth is less likely to be felt by the people of Mozambique. Poverty is still the result of uneven development and lack of employment.
8. Eritrea.
  • The world's 8th poorest country is occupied by Eritrea. The small country located in northeastern Africa only has GDP / GDP of US $ 1,200. Despite having a promising mining sector, the Eritrean people suffered greatly from the very repressive style of government. Poverty is widespread and thousands of citizens flee every month. As a result of this the Eritrean government has repeatedly received sanctions from the UN.
9. Guinea.
  • The world's poorest ninth country is occupied by Guinea. Note GDP / GDP Country in western Africa was for the year 2015 ago, showing numbers less than US $ 1,400. State of the country's economy compounded by the occurrence of the Ebola virus epidemic 2014 ago. Another factor that is considered the main cause of the slow economic growth of Guinea is the political instability of the State it self.
10. Madagascar.
  • Madagascar is ranked as the 10th poorest country in the world, it has a GDP / GDP of less than US $ 1,500. World Bank data alerts say 95% of Madagascar's residents earn below US $ 2 per day. Longstanding political disputes, and poor governance are seen as the main cause of the country's economic down turn.
  • Madagascar's economy is heavily dependent on the sectors of fisheries, agriculture, and clothing production, but unfortunately this country lacks adequate road infrastructure. It affects farmers who have difficulty in bringing agricultural produce. Even the international trade sector is also difficult to develop, because the location of Madagascar is geographically isolated.

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